Hi there! I am Mifan Bang and I live in Tâipak, Taiwan. The island was a Japanese territory until some 70 years ago and she is still occupied by the Allies to date.

My expertise includes computer graphics, CPU/GPU performance optimization, and reverse engineering. I always try to design my program in the way that I can code a lot less in the future—because of my laziness.

Having worked in the video game industry for more than five years, I was very lucky to get involved in some world-renowned AAA titles published on many platforms, e.g. PC, PS4, XB1, and etc.

I consider myself a polyglot.


Procedural Earth

A Web-based real-time renderer to procedurally generates virtual Earths. It is also my experiment to bring some graphics features from high-end video games to the Web platform.


I hate ad banners and I love studying how certain software features work, so I figured out the techniques to remove ad banners in Skype. And that’s purifier.