Procedural Earth is a Web-based 3D application that randomly creates oceans, lands, and clouds for a virtual Earth-like planet. In contrast to the majority of 3D software, it does not require any pre-authored images so the loading time is, relatively speaking, really fast.

The motivation was to attempt narrowing the gap of 3D graphics quality between high-end video games and the Web. As a result, many graphics features in Procedural Earth are adopted from modern video games with minimal compromises.

Physycally-based atmospheric scattering
HDR rendering pipeline and auto exposure
Sunlight approximated with black body radiation theory
Procedural clouds with shadow and animation
Procedural generation of the Milky Way

It's Your Earth

  • Try out different parameter settings and find the right Earth for yourself.
  • Use the bullhorn button in the menu to create a sharable link to your unique Earth. (Only available on desktop)
  • With the camera button you can also take screenshots and use them without restrictions.

Mifan Bang

I live in Tâioân, namely Taiwan. I only became a program designer because my Math was too terrible to be an astronomer.

Source code of Procedural Earth is publicly available on Github. New features will be continuously introduced to the system, albeit they may come in a totally randomized manner as the future is always fogged by the mist (Ja, der Mist. Klar.) of noises and randomness.