Unwanted Ads Are Cancer

Advertisement banners embedded in Skype are ugly and invade our privacy.
Purifier is a Skype launcher that brings the desirable clean UI back to you.
Neither installation nor system modification is needed.

It's Super Easy If You Ask Me

Quit Skype and make sure it disappeared from the process list in Task Manager.
Run Purifier.
(You must do this every time.)
Say ciao to ad banners.
(Oh, and, fuck the cops!)

Who did this after all?

I am Mifan Bang, a program designer working in the video game industry. When I was a kid, I thought I could be an astronomer or an artist in my adulthood, but I somehow failed.

In my spare time I love to break codes, which include others' and mine.

Skype sucks. Why bother doing this?

Life sucks but people still have to live on; the same goes for Skype.

I was required to use Skype at work to conference call distant partners. You don't want to see ad banners of brassieres while discussing business, or do you?